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Surprise … May 26, 2009

Posted by ladywillowtreehouse in Award.


Kreativ Blog Award 


Received some unexpected gifts this week.

My 1st BLOG Awards.ILoveYourBlog-jeanchia



Thanks for the special compliments Renee & Jacob. /;)


Visit her BLOG for Home Cleaning & Meal Recipies


and see her jumbo sized Yarn Bag.


Cool Blog




1. Renee - June 15, 2009

wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiillow :), Just popped from Raverly and got your pms. Just joined webshots, seen your blue Bag, oooooh toooooooo cute 🙂

ladywillowtreehouse - June 18, 2009

Hi Renee,

Thanks for the compliment about the Blue Bag. /;) I really enjoy Ravelry too – so many unique pattern and the opportunity to connect with the designers.

2. renee - June 18, 2009

I agree 🙂 I love alot thats on there :), I hit your pages 🙂 Love all your work 🙂

ladywillowtreehouse - June 18, 2009

Hi Renee,
I enjoy seeing other peoples creative ideas and making my own. Here’s another SITE you and Jacob would love.


It’s based in England and has contributions from members all over the world. Your ideas would be wonderful additions.

By the way really like the changes you’ve made on your BLOG. The background colors are great, very complimentary to the white text, and it loads much quicker. Great improvement. /;)

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