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Recycled Crochet Hook Holders May 20, 2009

Posted by ladywillowtreehouse in Recycle.

Living Green and Recycling can be fun and creative.  Customize your favorite hooks for comfort and be environmentally conscious at the same time. /;)

Examples using empty pens, highlighters and permanent markers.

LW Recyled Hook Holders GC #2b

Old favorites hidden in a drawer till rescued. /;)

LW Recyled Hook Holders #3

eBay discoveries that brighten my collection.

LW Hook Holders-Purchased

If you’re interested in making your own – click on the file name below for  step by step instructions and more examples.    

Please be patient it’s a large PDF file and may be slow to open. /;)

Recycled Crochet Hook Holders Tutorial by LadyWillow Designs©

LadyWillow TreeHouse



1. LadyWillow's TreeHouse - May 20, 2009

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2. Lauren - May 21, 2009

Nice blog! I’m now a follower and looking forward to more! :O)

ladywillowtreehouse - May 21, 2009

Thanks Lauren, working on the next Post and having a great adventure. /;)

3. Bonnie Pierce - May 21, 2009

What a great idea for the hooks~ Very creative

ladywillowtreehouse - May 21, 2009

Thanks BonnieP. My favorite hooks are a lot easier to use and harder to misplace. /;)

4. jimbo - May 21, 2009

Very interesting! Love the unusual hooks and clever “green” handles!


5. ladywillowtreehouse - May 21, 2009

Hi JimBo –
Thanks for stopping by and for the compliments. /;)

6. tattiscuties - May 22, 2009

How creative! Are they comfortable to use?

7. ladywillowtreehouse - May 22, 2009

Hello tattiscuties – I find them very comfortable, especially during the cold months when using the smaller metal hooks.

The Tutorial also has references to wood and other custom holders. Let me know if you have any problems creating your own. Thanks for the comment. /;)

8. Renee - May 22, 2009

This is Great idea. I posted your link on my blog. Hope you dont mind 🙂

9. ladywillowtreehouse - May 22, 2009

Hi Renee, Glad you enjoyed the idea. Thanks for posting on your delightful BLOG.

Saturdays Recipe made me hungry – sounds delicious. /;)

10. Renee - May 23, 2009

lol. Making me hungry also, lOL cant wait for dinner lol.

Do you have a button I can post on my blog? If so you can just e-mail it to me 🙂 or I will find it here,
LOVE your blog here.

11. ladywillowtreehouse - May 23, 2009

Hi Renee,

No button currently, it’s on the TO DO List. In the meantime best to bookmark and list in your BLOG Links, as you already have.

Thanks – suggestions always welcome. /;)

12. Donna - May 26, 2009

Lady Willow,
I have reviewed your blog at your request, so here is the feedback. Blog address, no problems, Tutorial, great ran fine. You might want to Highlight or Bolden the part about being patient about loading a large pdf file, that it may run slow. Suggestions about stabilizing the inside of the pen/hook you might also use Polyeymer or paper clay instead of glue, that way it can be removed and is not permanent.

Tools needed- may also include using an Exacto knife, and a Dremel, it comes with a small sander, buffer, small drill bits. I got mine at Collections.ect online magazine for under 15.00 dollars. Great if you need small holes. I recycle old cds, need to make holes in them , works great , lots of control , but you must have a sturdy surface like a piece of plywood underneath and not your dining room table.

Also a small size pliers to use for taking out the highlighter, marker insides. (Hint for drilling holes- Use a piece of masking tape on the spot where you want to drill, helps keep it from cracking and stabilizes the drill bit-especially for plastic or cds). I think I would prefer to use pens without a clip, it could also be broken off or removed. Preference is for each individual.

Great Idea for recycling. I find it hard to hold the small 0-5 hooks they have never been comfortable for me, so I think I will try it and maybe I’ll find them easier to use .Happy Hooking. I hope this helps.

ladywillowtreehouse - May 27, 2009

Hi Donna,

Thanks for the excellent suggestions, especially including, small size pliers, the Exacto Knife and Dremel Tool Set.
Will review and edit the Tutorial. /;)

13. Wanda J - May 27, 2009

What a riot! That’s a very clever use of old pens, etc. Love the collection – I never realized there were so many collectible pen bodies.

Have fun with the blog.

ladywillowtreehouse - May 27, 2009

Hi Wanda, Started out with one and they just multiplied. /;) Enjoy whimsey and finding new uses for interesting items. And yes I’m having a great time BLOGGing. LOL

14. Renee - May 27, 2009

Hey Willow, How did you do the Sharpie Hook?
LOL I have GOBS of sharpies lol screaming for a hook lol

ladywillowtreehouse - May 28, 2009

First I removed the insides, then carefully trimmed the tip. The hook I choose fitted really well so didn’t need to add any stuffing.

Were you able to download the Tutorial?? It’s at the bottom of the article. If there is a problem let me know.

15. Renee - June 10, 2009

Hi Wiiiiiiiiiiiillow 🙂 Havent talked to you last week, How is everything going 🙂

I made some cool sculpty grippers for my crochet hooks, Posted on blog 🙂

ladywillowtreehouse - June 18, 2009

Hi Renee,

Great idea to blend the colors and form them to fit your hands. Will have to try it. Thanks for sharing /;)

16. Renee - June 10, 2009

lol ok how did you remove the sharpies insides lol

17. Renee - June 12, 2009

willow, I have something for you at my blog 🙂 Look for Honest scrap award 🙂

ladywillowtreehouse - June 18, 2009

Hi Renee,

I used needle nosed pliers and/or tweezers to grab the ink tube to pull it out part of the way. Then removed it with paper towels to keep the ink off my hands. Can be a bit messy, so take your time and be sure to cover your work area with something like newspaper. That “permanent ink” really is. LOL.

18. Henya - June 17, 2009

What a wonderful idea. I will have to try it.

ladywillowtreehouse - June 18, 2009

Hi Henya, glad you liked the recycle idea, if you have any problems making yours let me know. /;)

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20. Pat J - September 28, 2009

My DS races moto cross and he left behind a box of plastic gloves that he uses for his air filter (like they use in the hospitals) they work great for keeping things like keeping inks off the hands.
By the way, enjoyed the blog!

ladywillowtreehouse - November 9, 2009

Great idea. Thanks. Appreciate the tip. /;)

21. Terisa - May 7, 2010

what a very cute idea!

22. Bev - June 2, 2010

I absolutely love this idea. Can’t wait to make some of my own. Thanks for the instructions.

23. The Pen Guy - June 15, 2010

Love what you are doing with old pens:)

24. The Pen Guy - June 15, 2010

Love what you did with the old pens:)

25. Formula 7 - August 16, 2010

Dear admin, because of information sharing these beautiful heart and soul I thank you.

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ladywillowtreehouse - January 14, 2012

Your SITE is delightful – enjoyed seeing the methods people around the world are upcycling. And thank you for including my Recycled Crochet Hook Holder Tutorial. /;)

28. sucrette - February 15, 2012

oh woooow! This is so clever and beautiful too 🙂 I love them! Thank you for your message…it made me discover your lovely blog 🙂

29. sucrette - February 15, 2012

sorry but you haven’t added new posts since may 2009 or I have a problem with my connection? Anyway, I love your recycled hooks …I really should try to make some!
Have a nice day!

30. Alba - March 4, 2012

Maravilhosa a idéia, não sei se vai me entender, mais precisava deixar meu comentário, obrigada pela dica.

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32. sparklesness - March 6, 2012

what an awesome idea! As long as they don’t disappear like the pens in my house do.

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39. http://tinyurl.com/biliquinn31843 - February 6, 2013

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Thank you, Marcelo

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